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Tips To Follow With Commercial Autos

When you have commercial autos for your business, it is important to focus on safety and security. There are several tips for you to follow which will ensure that your vehicles and your employees are safe throughout the year. Driving Rules There should be a few set driving rules that are enforced at all times: No cell phone useNo intoxicants (drugs or alcohol)Mandatory seat belt use It's also a good idea to provide a full training session before any of your employees get behind the wheel of a company vehicle. The training should cover all of the driving rules in detail, as well as the consequences if they fail to follow the rules. Upon completion of the training it is a good idea to have a signed statement indicating the employee understands the expectations and agrees to safe driving protocols.
Limit Vehicle Use You should make sure that vehicles are only being used as needed. You should try to limit business vehicle use to work-related travel. Some employees may use the same car …

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