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Now that you've graduated...

Insurance Needs for the College Graduate College graduation is behind you, and you have started your first job. While this is an exciting time in your life, it also comes with responsibilities that are a necessary part of adulthood. Perhaps one of the first decisions you will need to make is purchasing automobile and renters insurance. But where do you get started?
Understand the basics of automobile insurance. There are two parts to auto insurance. One protects your automobile and is known as 1st party coverage. The second protects you from claims you are responsible for and is known as liability coverage or also called 3rd party coverage. 
Liability insurance is required in most states. It protects you from claims other make against you. It includes damage to their property and injury to their bodies. For example, if you are sued as the result of an accident, the liability coverage pays for the costs of defending you and damages owed should you be liable or responsible. However, It d…

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